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Meri is the President of Women Fighting Trafficking.  She is calling on women of this country to come together and fight against child sex trafficking and to protect and bring healing to the victimized women and children.

Meri has been producing a soon to be released documentary called “Freedom Cry – Sex Trafficking in America”.    Sex Trafficking is a 150 billion dollar industry and is growing at an alarming rate.    There are over 1,000,000 children which go missing every year in America.  Many of these children are being trafficked for profit.

For the last twenty years Meri Crouley has been traveling around the world producing content about christian and current events.   She started to see a thread that ran through her interviews which was pointing to the abuse of women & children.   She was given a mandate to get the women activated and step up to stop this abuse.

Meri also has founded a non-profit organization called Youthwave Explosion Foundation.  It was established in 1996 and Youthwave has hosted many large outreach concerts where thousands of young people’s lives have been impacted through music and the gospel. Visit

She also has produced over 2,000 television programs globally and recently launched a new Podcast called “Now is the Time” which can be seen on YouTube, Rumble, BitChute and other platforms interviewing many influencers with important information about sex trafficking and the Deep State Agenda and how to overcome the diabolical plot to take down our culture.

Meri has traveled extensively throughout the Globe as a voice speaking forth God’s message of hope and courage.  Protect the children – Heal their Hearts is the mission.

As we come together in Unity and Liberty we can help “set the captive free”.

Our mission is to link arms together and create a movement to rescue the lost and bring freedom to their hearts and minds through God’s mercy and Grace.

Please join us.  It’s “Boots on the Ground”.   Please come and be part of the

“Dream Team”.

It’s our duty as women and mothers!   Thank you!