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Freedom Cry – Women Fighting Trafficking

My name is Dr. Meri Crouley and I am on a Quest. I have been given a call and a message to help the innocents. The women and children of our nation which have been victimized by a horrible blight on our society – child sex trafficking.

Human Trafficking is a 150 billion dollar industry worldwide. It is growing at an alarming rate and soon will surpass drug trafficking. Over 800,000 children are reported missing every year in the United States. Many of these are victims of child sex-trafficking.

I have been a journalist and doing interviews for over 20 years around the world. In many of the stories I have previously covered there was a constant theme in their stories. Many of the women I interviewed had been exploited sexually and some even trafficked right under their parent’s noses.

In 2017 I took a trip with my videographer to Thailand and we went undercover into some of the darkest areas in both Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand. But when I returned back to California, I sensed that I was supposed to expose the child sex-trafficking in America.

Documentary – “Freedom Cry – Sex Trafficking in America”

I started filming my documentary “Freedom Cry – Sex Trafficking in America” and have traveled to many parts of the United States getting interviews with former trafficked victims, pimps, agencies and people trying to help rescue and rehabilitate these damaged innocents who so violently had their world shattered.

But it was amazing to me that so often people didn’t want to hear what was happening! It is a horrible thing to think that there are people who would use children to profit from sexually. But in reality it is true! This crime is growing and something needs to happen to stop it!

I was introduced to a former New York Police Department detective named James Rothstein. Rothstein’s path into combating human trafficking began in 1966 when his captain with the NYPD assigned him to work prostitution and pedophilia. Eighth Avenue between 42nd and 50th Streets in New York City (NYC) was known as the “Minnesota Strip” in that at any given time, over 400 girls from Minnesota were being exploited there. Rothstein was from Minnesota and the Captain assigned him to that area to help “clean up the mess”.

Detective Rothstein went undercover and became a legend in New York. I was also born and raised in Minnesota. I decided to go and interview James Rothstein (his nickname is Jimmy) when I was home last summer. When I sat down with Jimmy he told me right off the bat – “In order to stop Human Trafficking we have to get the Mothers involved! I have the plan to do it!”

We chatted for a few hours and when I left his small house in St. Martin, MN I knew that I needed to jump in! It was NOW OR NEVER.

Women Fighting Trafficking – Launch at We the People Rally

I launched the “Women Fighting Trafficking” website and campaign in the last few weeks. We are rolling out this campaign in Jupiter, Florida at the “We the People” rally put on by “Women Fighting for America” on May 30, 2021 on Memorial Day weekend.

I met the founder of Women Fighting for America, Christie Hutcherson, when I was in Washington D.C. last December. There was an immediate connection and she invited me to be one of the speakers at this event on Memorial Day Weekend. Women are joining forces throughout the land to take a stand and demand “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”!

In closing, I had a dream which changed my life many years ago. I was riding on a white horse with Jesus. We were riding through the fields when we came to a green pasture with Fat Sheep grazing together on the lush green grass. Jesus spoke very softly to me and said, “That’s my church, but I’m not there!” He then asked if I would go with Him to where the other sheep were! I then replied “Yes, I will go!”

We continued riding on the white horse for quite a while until we came to a thicket. We got off the horse and made our way down a steep embankment. It was very dark and I almost slipped several times but Jesus steadied me with his arm. And then I will never forgot what I saw. Broken Sheep which were ensnared in traps. They were not all huddled together like the Fat sheep in the green pastures. They were scattered throughout the thicket and were really thin, broken and pathetic looking. They felt really “baaaaddd”.

Jesus walked over to one of the most pathetic looking sheep in the snare. He lovingly opened the trap and gently picked up the sheep in his arms. He then rolled back his head and let out a laugh! Jesus was ecstatic that he had set a captive free! He then looked over at me and said, “Shepherd Girl, Help me!” The rest of the dream was Jesus and me getting these broken sheep out of snares.

“Go and set the captives free!”

At the end of the dream – Jesus looked into my eyes and said, “Go and set the captives free!” and then I woke up. I was shaken to my core! In the Gospel of Luke 15: 3-7, it talks about the parable of the lost sheep. Leaving the 99 sheep to find the one that was lost.

Will you help me find these lost sheep! Will you go and join our company as Women and Mothers who will now raise our voices “Not on our Watch”.

I am under a directive from the Kingdom of God to do this! I know that we will be given the wisdom and strength to see this task through. Come and join me on this journey and raise our voices to the Heavens!

“Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty they are FREE AT LAST!”


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